Amazing Stuff

Amazing Stuff

When my mother and I were unpacking boxes, we found several old photograph albums. I’ve been working on the genealogy on and off for about four years, so this is very exciting to me.

First, a little history.

My great great grandparents, David Leonard Hoover and Cornelia Gertrude Williams Hoover, moved to Southern California from Illinois. They lived in Santa Ysabel (down the road from Julian); DL was a pharmacist, and they owned the DL Hoover General Store. (The building, by the way, is still there, and is now a rather touristy little old time general store.) They had two daughters, Myrta and Lorena. Myrta was my great-grandmother — and one of the photograph albums was hers.

She took these pictures between 1890 and 1900. The description in the front says the photos are of Mesa Grande, Agua Caliente (Warner’s Hot Springs), and Santa Ysabel. The interesting thing is that there are many portraits of Native Americans in this album. Even better, they’re all marked.

Here are three of the photos along with her description. One of these days, I will digitize the entire album–and perhaps give it to a museum.

“Manuel Lechusa, the Old General of Santa Ysabel. Boss of Santa Ysabel Indians about 1895”

“Diego Curo, very old Mesa Grande Indian. Taken at Hoover’s Store.”

“Warner Hot Springs — Preparing yucca leaves to spin into materials for making door mats.”

*** Update: See the whole set.

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