6 thoughts on “Competition for a Charm – Kiyoshi Saito

  1. Saito is an artist I keep returning to. He had a fierce work ethic and must have been the most prolific of the Sosaku Hanga artists. This means that most people could afford to buy one of his prints. Sometimes he would reduce a major work into a smaller simplified piece and print off hundreds of copies. He would also combine photo-mechanical printing with woodblock colours. He was quick to see what was popular and produce more of the same. Personally, I like the more experimental compositions with beautiful printing textures and dramatic shapes.

  2. I like those too. Unfortunately, the prints I really like are also the prints I can’t afford! Oh well, c’est la vie. I feel fortunate to have this one, and for me, it’s not only a lovely thing to look at, but has a lot of memories as well. It’s been around ever since I can remember: my parents had it hanging over their bed when I was a small child; I took it to college for my dorm room; it’s been in every house and place I’ve ever lived.

    I knew, of course, how prolific he was, but not that he combined photo-mechanical printing with woodblock colors. As I collect more prints, I become more interested in the process, which is why I like reading the baren forum messages.

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