The kitchen … as of three minutes ago

The kitchen … as of three minutes ago

I was going to post a bunch of demo-in-progress kitchen pictures, but really … why bother? This is what it looks like now:

The plans are:

1) All new appliances, for one.
2) A really funky farmhouse sink that we got at Re-store. It’s being reporcelained as we blog and is going approximately where the existing sink is–though at 51 inches will take up a considerably larger amount of space.
3) You see that taller window at the end? That’s going away, and the fridge is going there. But wait, you say! Getting rid of windows? Actually, we’re adding a bank of four windows over the sink instead.
4) The stove is staying where it is, but will be flanked by cabinets.
5) Steve’s brother is coming out next week to do some of the above, and will also tear out and replace the ceiling.

There are lots more ideas floating around Chez Smunshi, but we’re not terribly organized about the process. Some neighbors are also redoing their kitchen and we goggled at their beautifully rendered plans. Ours consist of some chicken scratch on graph paper.

One thought on “The kitchen … as of three minutes ago

  1. Don’t be so jealous of the neighbors. We’ve done two remodels, one with an architect and one your way. Both turned out just fine… as I am sure yours will. It was fun having the blueprints (and necessary, in our case) but the money and time sunk into creating them wouldn’t have been worth it in most cases.

    Was there a doorway behind the stove at some point? I love demo archaeology. 🙂

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