[your name here] + needs =

[your name here] + needs =

I stumbled across this somewhere, and if you need to waste two minutes, here it is … five minutes if you blog it. Google “[your name] needs” and see what you come up with.

Apparently, I am touchy feely:
“Zia needs support.”
“Zia needs to reach the heart.”
“Zia needs to reach out honestly.”

And apparently, I need to drink more:
“Zia needs 30-40 shooters.”

But then I need to drink less:
“Zia needs to be put back in the bottle.”

Okay, five minutes wasted. Back to major soapmaking marathon. I’ve gotten bad about posting soaps, but in the past week I’ve made:

— Lavandin / spruce / orange / litsea / amrys / rose FO
— Another complicated blend that I forgot to write down, and can’t remember everything that’s in there
— Lavender / orange / peppermint
— Another batch of modified castile with beeswax and honey
— Another batch of the all-new the No Stinkum Steve.

Actually, let me waste another five minutes.

The all new NSS is the final NSS. It’s awesome. It’s made with anise, lavender, tea tree, and peppermint and colored with activated charcoal so it’s BLACK. I just cut it this morning:

8 thoughts on “[your name here] + needs =

  1. Ooh, black soap, that’s kinda freaky (in a good way). Will you be marketing No Stinkum Steve, by the way, or do you feel there’s just too narrow a target audience for that one?

  2. Kind of a narrow market. I don’t sell soap anyway; it’s more for fun. Though I do give it away, bagloads at a time. Want some?

  3. thanks! Want a bar? Want several bars? Seriously … I’ve given up posting all the soap I make, but it’s overrunning the house. And while it’s not nearly as pretty as all the lovely stuff you buy on Etsy, I think it’s just as nice. So if you want a soapy care package, let me know and I’ll send you some …

  4. Yep! You sure can send me some. I’d love it! I have so much soap, but I can always use more — plus I can share with others.

    So, tell me what you need me to do. I can email you my shipping address. Also, never forget: YOU CAN ALWAYS SEND ME SOAP! LOL! (real loud). You never have to ask. I love the stuff.

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