You may call me Mrs. Demo

You may call me Mrs. Demo

Oh, not in any legal sense, though the only thing that would please my mother more is producing an anklebiter or two. It’s just that Steve did an amazing job framing in cabinets and such while I was in San Diego last week–and then he decided that we should really rip out the cabinets at the end of the kitchen.

I complained that I always had to do the crappy stuff, like clean up. So Steve handed me a huge hammer and a chisel. And while he did this:

I did this:

Then Steve and I both cleaned up.

Here’s the thing: Smashing into walls is the BEST.

3 thoughts on “You may call me Mrs. Demo

  1. I’m with Seena: nice work (that was my exact thought even before I read her comment!)! It is satisfying to knock down walls, it’s just that building them back up takes so much work. I salute you for starting the process.

  2. And the exciting thing is that one of Steve’s contractors is giving us a deal on granite countertops–so I’m going out to look at them today.

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Comments are closed.
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