Anyone in Seattle want kefir grains?

Anyone in Seattle want kefir grains?

I acquired some kefir grains a while ago, and boy, do they expand. So anyone who wants some, let me know and I’ll hook you up.

15 thoughts on “Anyone in Seattle want kefir grains?

  1. Hello!
    I came upon your site while doing a google search for kefir grains in Seattle. If you are still offering kefir grains, I would absolutely love some. I would be eternally grateful!
    Warm regards,

  2. Looks like I’m in a line of eager kefir lovers. I would be so greatful if you had some grains left or if you know of someone who might have some to share. Thanks so much for shareing.

  3. Zia… I was wondering if you still culture kefir and if you currently have kefir grains to share. Please email me if you do. I’m looking to get grains in the Seattle area, and they are proving a little difficult to find. Whole Foods sells a powder, but I don’t think that is recommended for continual culturing. Please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Hey I am looking for kefir grains! If you want to trade I am a cheesemaker, I just made some goat ricotta

  5. Hello, Saw your very old post. Is there a place where I can get / buy Kefir grains in Seattle or suburbs?

    – Vivek

  6. Hi, I just saw this old posting. I’m looking for kefir grains in Seattle, also. If anyone knows where to get/buy some, I’d appreciate it! Thanks!!

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Comments are closed.
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