Hey Mr.

Hey Mr.

Well, I assume you’re a Mr. because I assume that most people who search for porn online are men. But I could be wrong. In which case, please accept my sincerest apologies for making assumptions about your gender. And I’m assuming that it’s not your gender that’s in question here. I mean, it’s not like you were googling “transsexual porn” or “shemale” or “girls with penises” or any of those other things that I’m seriously going to regret putting into a blog post because the search engines are going to go crazy now.

No, what apparently interests you is “vitiligo porn.”

2 thoughts on “Hey Mr.

  1. Wait a minute, I knew there were all sorts of subcategories of porn but there isn’t really one called vitiligo porn, is there? (to be fair to whoever this porn-lovin’ dude was, you did mention as I recall, “there”). Perhaps he’s very easily stimulated and your euphemism was too arousing to ignore.

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Comments are closed.
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