On Domestic Tech Support

On Domestic Tech Support

Mr. Nom de Plume started his new job this week. Much to his dismay–and much to my amusement–they gave him a BlackBerry. This evening, he came home with his new laptop too. “I need to hook my Outlook into my BlackBerry,” he explained.

“You need to sync it?”

“Yeah, I’ve tried everything, but it doesn’t work. So I figured you could help me.”

“Do you have a cable?”


“Oh. Maybe that’s the problem.”

“Does it have bluetooth?”

“Yes,” he said. “Yes, it does. But I have blue teeth too so I don’t really know what that means.”

Actually, to be honest, I can’t figure this thing out either because I don’t know if it syns locally or through the server. So I told him the same thing any self-respecting tech support person would. “Take it back to IT.”

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