A simple equation

A simple equation

(harry)(foster pug)*(steve)(nightshift)=crazy pug lady

To explicate: I am fostering a pug for Seattle Pug Rescue. He’s a little, erm, bundle of energy named Obie. He and Harry get along just fine, though sometimes Harry has to put the smackdown on the rambunctious puppyness. Which secretly thrills me because most of the time, Harry just lets Obie hump him.

Also, Steve is now working the night shift. He goes to work at about 3, and comes home about 2 in the morning. He’s actually on a schedule that’s more like mine, which is weird because he’s always gone to bed at something obscenely early like 8 in the evening. But I find that I’m lonely rattling around the house at night.

Which leads me to the whole point of this post: I have become a crazy pug lady. Steve pointed out the other day that I actually CONVERSE with the dogs.


One thought on “A simple equation

  1. What’s wrong with conversing with dogs? They are the perfect conversational partners. Whatever you say they look at you adoringly, never contradict you, never say “yeah, but…”, and listen carefully at all times. Okay, admittedly they’re hoping to hear food mentioned but that still makes them better listeners than most men.

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