I think some vit is coming back

I think some vit is coming back

I got cocky.

For a couple of months, it’s seemed like the area over my eyebrows is a little lighter again, and I have studiously been avoiding it–but dreading getting tan in the summer all the same. Now it looks like it may be getting worse, and to make matters even more distressing, there’s some hyperpigmentation above the lighter areas. It doesn’t look all that bad to anyone but me. With my hyphochondriac tendencies, however, I am stressed over it.

It’s also interesting because I’ve been very stressed and overworked for the past couple of months, and it seems like some of the spots (under my left arm, one spot in an unmentionable space) that were closing in have expanded again. Again, it’s not that big a deal, but I do wonder about the role of stress. I also have not been consistent with taking my supplements every day; I probably average about 3 or 4 times a week. So I need to be better about that.

I hate this thing. I keep telling myself that what I have is minor–and it’s true–but I still feel as though my body has betrayed me. I have always been a little bit of a hypochondriac, but I find that I’m really stressing out over pretty much anything that seems out of the ordinary. I wonder how much of the vit anxiety I’ve transferred to other things, and I need to redirect all this energy that I spend on fretting to something more productive. I just don’t know how.

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  1. Zia,
    I know just what you mean about “minor” complaints. Nothing is minor when it’s on your own body, let’s face it. Because it’s with you every day. So don’t worry about worrying about it–we all understand.

    I hope it gets better soon. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if stress played a role in its appearance and development–I’m prone to (mouth) cold sores and they always pop up after periods of high stress. I wish you the very best of luck in forging through and keeping your mind as much as possible on other matters–some comfort reading? Lists to keep you focused on work you need to be doing?

  2. Hey Zia,

    It is nice to see you updating your blog again. I completely understand about how you feel betrayed by your body. Each day I wake up and I dread going to the mirror to see what has happened overnight. I have always eaten well, taken care of my body, worked out and then bam- vit debuts. My vit is concentrated on my face which I find incredibly distressing. I would gladly invite it to set up camp in my armpit instead but apparently it likes attention and has decided on my face.

    Wishing us both better prognosis in the coming days, months and years.

  3. Nonanon, thanks for the nice comment. It IS distressing, and the fact that I’m getting wrinklier/grayer/etc is no helping matters! Part of it is just getting older and dealing with the fact that I’m now called ma’am in grocery stores. When did THAT happen! I did figure out that the hyperpigmentation is probably coming from the copper supplements. I couldn’t find the same dosage I was using, and ended up getting one that was double the amount. Apparently, it’s too much.

    JP, it’s nice to hear from you. Are you still doing the excimer? Is it working on your face? Protopic kind of freaks me out, but I will say that it worked for me in conjunction with a little sunlight. I’m not using it anymore, and that’s probably why it’s coming back above my eyebrows. Also, I’m curious: Do you find yourself becoming a hypochondriac about other things? I’ve actually thought about going to talk to someone because my hypochondria is raging out of control–I’ve always had these tendencies, but right now, every spot, every minor lump, every little tiny thing that you wouldn’t think about twice is making me run to google and deciding that I have whatever disease pops up first. It’s the extension of feeling that my body has betrayed me, and it’s really getting out of hand. My anxiety levels have been through the roof–nothing concrete, just a general hum of general anxiety that something is terribly wrong with me.

  4. I wouldn’t say that I am a hypo about other contracting other conditions but I am very nervous about using lotions, soaps, etc on my body or of ever needing a surgery. I dont want anything to trigger the vit to spread faster.

    I was doing excimer up until a month ago. My experience with it has been hit or miss. Some areas cleared while others are more stubborn and resist treatment. And of course, new vit areas reveal themselves over time. I definitely do not have stable vit. I had to stop because my insurance changed and my partner moved to Kansas City and the state doesn’t recognize domestica partner benefits. That topic is for another blog ; )

    As for the supplements, I am actually taking what was recommended to you but I can’t say it has helped or hurt my situation.

    Right now I am debating about just spending the money and buying a hand held unit. Otherwise I will have to wait for a few months until we relocate to Calif and then explore my options. I will be in LA so I am hoping to start seeing Dr. Grimes there.

    Send me an email sometime. I can’t promise I will always be upbeat in my responses but at least I will be honest.

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