An Elegy to Real Coffee

An Elegy to Real Coffee

Oh caffeine! My Caffeine! Our love affair is done, the stress you cause does me rack,
Though greeted with the sun. The drip is near, espresso I hear, the adrenaline once exulting
While follow eyes the steady reel, the liquid black and daring; But O heart! Heart! Heart!
O the bitter brew of brown, Where in my cup my decaf lies, a drink flat and dead.
O Caffeine! My Caffeine! I wish I could drink you. I wish—but you cause panic—but
you make me jangle.

(with abject apologies to Walt Whitman)

One thought on “An Elegy to Real Coffee

  1. Just give me espresso, or bistro blend I brought back from Seattle – Seattles’ Best – better than Hawiian Kone and Post Alley blend from Seattle, Some am’s just hook me up to the coffee IV.

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Comments are closed.
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