The Glass of Time – Michael Cox

The Glass of Time – Michael Cox

Esperanza Gorst is sent by her guardian to be a servant to the Baroness Tansor for a reason that I never learned because I lost all patience with the book and gave up. This was one of those books that I thought I would love–dark, gothic historical teeming with mystery–but alas. Abandoned.

2 thoughts on “The Glass of Time – Michael Cox

  1. A dark, gothic historical novel teeming with mystery…but it could hold your attention. Not a good sign for Michael Cox!

    Look forward to catching up, Zia. Erin is now living in the Skagit Valley with her husband, Nate. They are both school teachers. Life is strange!

  2. So strange. Perhaps it all comes down to reading it at the wrong time. It just felt so … overwrought. Ah well

    that’s crazy that Erin is in WA! Is this the same guy from a while back?

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