From candling to chirping

From candling to chirping

I’m on day 20 and waiting for chicks to hatch is pure torture. I won’t tell you how much time I’ve spendt staring through the little plastic windows of the hovabator willing the eggs to pip. I could swear that I’ve seen a couple of eggs move a little, but then they stop and I attribute it to too much caffeine (which, incidentally, I’m back on. I missed it too much.)

I had read that if you chirp at the eggs, the little chicks will chirp back if they’ve pippped internally. So there I was chirping away at them through the vent hole of the incubator when Steve staggered into the kitchen to get coffee. “WHAT are you doing?”

“I’m chirping at the eggs,” I said.

“Oh my God.”

Which pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

4 thoughts on “From candling to chirping

  1. I don’t.

    Seriously, this is NERVEWRACKING. Did I kill them? Will they pip? Will they hatch? Will all this be for nought? I guess a watched chick never hatches …. And trust me, I am watching them. Every time I tell myself, okay, that’s enough, unglue your nose from the window, I could swear I see a little movement …

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