1. I have successfully manipulated Steve into helping me build the chicken coop. I didn’t even have to stand over piles of lumber looking clueless. All it took was a simple conversation (over the phone because he’s in Rockford visiting the folks):

Me: I bought and downloaded a chicken coop plan.
S: Why did you do that? I could replicate pretty much any plan.
Me: You said you wouldn’t help me.
S: Can you return it?
Me: Does that mean you’ll help me?
S: Okay.

2. It turns out Carrie doesn’t have an incubator, which I found out after I ordered the eggs. I ended up trading a lady on Craig’s List handmade soap for the use of hers. Bargain!

3. I talked to Geoff about placement. We’re all good.


****Update: The seller went to his PO, and they said that sometimes tracking information doesn’t show–so maybe they’re NOT lost.

2 thoughts on “WAAAAH!

  1. Seriously I’m sooooo jealous. I have wanted chickens for years and Robbie thinks I’m nuts. Now I can understand that our house in Salem in the middle of the city might not be conducive to chickens but at some point in our lives we will have chickens.

  2. Does Salem let you have chickens? There are TONS of “urban chickens” around here. Per Seattle regulations, you can have 3 chickens on a 5,000 square foot lot, and for every 1,000 square feet, you can have an additional one.

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