Concrete countertops here we come

Concrete countertops here we come

I believe the rest of the song goes, “Right back where we started from.” And really, that’s quite appropriate because way back when we first started talking countertops lo these many years ago, I was really pushing concrete. I like it. I don’t like granite. Most of it is way too shiny and busy, and my own theory is that in about five years people will scoff, “Oh that’s SO oughties.” (Or rather it would if that tripped off the tongue the way 70s or 80s does.)

Speaking of scoffing, that’s EXACTLY what Steve did. To be fair, it wasn’t so much about the material as much as it was about the sheer cost. The material itself is cheap, but it’s incredibly labor-intensive. So we told ourselves it would be slate. ‘Cause really, slate looks kinda like concrete. And after two years or so of discussion, we still have the plywood substrate as our surface. Lovely, really.

Anyway, now that Steve is out of work, he has time. Two weeks ago, he looked at me with that maniacal gleam I know so well–the one that presages a new obsession. “You know what?” he said “I think we’re going to do concrete countertops.”

Like this was an original idea.

So we got books from the library, and now he’s practicing.

He doesn’t want to start with the countertops, so he’s building a side table for the Kamado:

Here’s a cardboard cutout of the shape, complete with holes for grilling implements (and yes, the base is the stump):

And here’s the mold:

Let the adventures in concrete begin …

2 thoughts on “Concrete countertops here we come

  1. If you decide the concrete isn’t going to work for whatever reason… consider honed (as opposed to polished) stone. We have a honed slate that we love — it looks a lot like concrete from a distance, but without the stress/weight on the cabinets, and it feels a lot nicer on your hands. If you want it to glow, you can oil it, but even then it’s not glossy/shiny like polished granite. We leave it natural, and it’s very matte. Many pix here:

  2. Those are some gorgeous countertops you have there. Actually, your whole kitchen just makes me swoon.

    I like slate a lot; I would have no problem using it. I love the hones stuff. Alas, right now, price is a pretty big consideration because Steve has been unemployed for two months with no end in sight. And I like concrete just as well. Since he’s going to be doing the work himself (and we are assuming that he will do a stellar job, of course), we’re going to get countertops for about $150. Which you can’t beat !

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