Welcome to the South Seattle Home for Wayward Hens

Welcome to the South Seattle Home for Wayward Hens

Still a couple of tweaks needed here and there (mainly the chicken door to the outside area that will have electric netting) and I have yet to give the place a good coat of paint. But for the most part, the Home for Wayward Hens is done and ready for occupancy.

Of course, I strongly suspect I have something like seven roosters. But anyway.

I know some might scoff at this chicken coop, given the gorgeous plans that abound online. So I feel compelled to add that this coop–not including our labor obviously–cost a total of $47 to build: $32 for the chicken wire and and additional $15 for a piece of board that Steve needed for right below the roof. The rest of the material was scrap. I believe the hip word is “reclaimed.” The frame is all from the old decking Steve replaced a couple years ago. The roof is made from metal panels he got free from a job. And the, what do you call them, little piling things at the base? Those we scavenged from the alley.

So here we go. Remember how Steve (who you note has lost his customary title of Mr. Demo) replaced all the doors and trim in the house? This is the old door from the kitchen along with its trim. That’s where the wainscot came from too.

The “egg door” here is from the old and decrepit built in from the kitchen that we replaced a month or two ago. Again, the trim is from inside the house, while the boards are sections of old fencing.Side

More fencing.

You know how you pass a construction site and there are all these huge panels blocking off access to the site and advertising the building it is about to become? That’s what the doors to the actual hen house are made of–Avenue One at First and Clay, which is the first job he worked on when we moved to Seattle. inside

And here’s inside the hen house. Six nesting boxes, made of the shelving from that cabinet at the end of the kitchen we ripped out. The actual roost is a little high, but that’s easily fixed.

And of course, the chickens need a way to get up into the house:

So there we have it.

Now, the only question is what color to paint it. I know I should continue with the whole reclaimed thing and just use the putty colored exterior paint we have in the garage. But it’s so boring …..

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the South Seattle Home for Wayward Hens

  1. It looks fantastic!!! I love the stick stairs!
    Lucky girls!
    I hope they give you loads of tastey eggs!

  2. Great!! I love it! I am thinking a whole Bahamian or Key West kind of thing….. Definately would not be boring! :C)

  3. I am hoping for loads and loads of eggs. It’s killing me to buy eggs at the store, but no layers yet. I’m planning on getting a couple of layers for this year, but need to wait until it’s really done …

    Funny, too that you should mention a Bahamian thing. I used some orange paint I found in the basement for part of it. Now to figure out trim color ….

  4. Keep me posted on what you end up doing. If it’s anything like YOUR kitchen, I am going to be green with envy. Oh, and there are lots of barnevelders in your neck of the woods. Please get at least one for me!

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