Vitiligo Update

Vitiligo Update

You wouldn’t believe the sheer number of hits I get on vitiligo every day–particularly on this one post. And I still find it disturbing–though flattering of course–that I’m the first Google result if you search on vitiligo and vitamin d.

Well. It behooves me to give an update, doesn’t it?

Honestly, I just live with it. I’m fortunate–and superstitious enough that I’m knocking on wood. I have a few more tiny spots, but you don’t really see them. It seems that every summer, as I start getting tanner, I start freaking out because my vitiligo is noticeable (if you look) above my eyebrows and on my nose. After a month or so, it evens out. I have a new little spot on my chin, but you can only see it in direct sunlight. I have a spot on my lip, but I don’t care anymore. And the areas that are getting worse are places that I can’t see, and no one else can either. So I don’t care.

And that’s what it all comes down to. All that freaking out, and I don’t think about it very much. In fact, I so actively don’t think about it that I forget to take all my vitamins. And then I try to be good, and am consistent for a few weeks–because they do WORK for me–and then it falls by the wayside again.

But I do have a few observations. First, I believe that four genes are now implicated in vitiligo. I had thought that the vit probably came from my Indian father. Last summer, however, my mother came to visit, and I saw a white patch on her leg. I think she has it, but is so fair that it doesn’t even show up. Add this to the fact that her mother was grey by the time she was my age, and her aunt was completely grey at 18–and well, it makes sense. (People with vitiligo grey prematurely. Sadly. Thank heaven for hair color.)

Second, beware of tyrosine dosages, if you’re taking it. I was having panic attacks earlier this year, and chalked it up to stress, then the pregnancy that turned out to be ectopic. At the time, I was being good about supplements, which included a fairly high dose of tyrosine. I added the tyrosine back in two days ago, and have noticed being nervous again.

As I mentioned, my face was vitty again at the start of the summer. Honestly, I think repigmenting my face is as simple as b12 and folic, combined with sunlight. Again, knock on wood. There have been some studies to show that this combo works. No protopic. No dovenax (not that I ever tried that on my face). Just the supplements and sunlight.

So that’s about it. Please, feel free to comment, and if you’ve posted before, I’d love to hear how things are going.

BTW, has anyone else noticed that ever since Michael Jackson died you don’t have to explain to people what vitiligo is?

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