Goodbye Facebook. Again.

Goodbye Facebook. Again.

This post pretty much says it all.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t because I feel compelled to add:

I had signed up for another Facebook account because there were people I wanted to get back in touch with. But you know, reconnecting and Farmtown (yes, Farmtown, isn’t that pathetic?) just aren’t enough to make me want to deal with Facebook anymore. I’m pretty easy to find and don’t really need more ways to procrastinate.

I don’t want to have to fiddle with my privacy settings all the time. I’m tired of people I know who just happen to be conservative suggest I join the “Stop giving welfare to illegal immigrants” group. And I really don’t care what someone had for breakfast/lunch/dinner and how delish/yummy/nom nom it was. No offense. I know, I know, it’s a great way to connect, share pictures, blah blah. I just can’t find enough oomph to care. The fact is, all this social networking weirds me out a bit, and it’s pretty ironic that the bigger a reach my blog has (that wordpress-twitter-facebook integration), the more constrained I feel about posting anything real–i.e., not about chickens.

So for all those facebookers out there, enjoy it and have fun. You know where to find me.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook. Again.

  1. I’ll miss you on facebook! It’s how I keep up with everyone in one place. But I understand your point. Stay in touch:-)

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. This “personal connection” thing is getting kind of bizarre. The word “friend” has become a regurgitated generic term that means…. what?
    I joined at the insistence of a friend but I never look at it or contact anyone. I need to close it . You have motivated me to do so.

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